Davy Crockett® Wi-Fi Edition

Voltage: 12V

Wattage: Ignition 60W and 10W continuous


219 square in. surface area


 Wi-Fi Smart Control option

Dimensions: 31.75" H X 34" W x 23" D 

Weight: 57lbs

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Check out how the Davy Crockett handled a KC BBQ competition!



Q: What is so special about the Davy Crockett® GMG Tailgater Smoker- Grill edition?

A: 1. It is smaller than the average grill and very portable!

     2. This grill has a power cord that can be hooked directly up to a car power port! 

     3. If you don't want to set the grill directly on your tailgate, prop it up on the stands that double as a carrier! 

Q: What exactly does the Wi-Fi feature mean?

A: You can control your GMG Pellet Smoker Grill through an app on your phone! 

      YES! Directly from your phone, that means turning it on, monitoring temperature, AND if you connect a

      meat thermometer, you can tell when your food is done!